Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Photoshoot

Last weekend we had a blast shooting some of the latest styles for our e-commerce launch. Our plan in October 1st, 2014 all our styles are up there, so you can effortlessly shop Swoon from the comfort of your own home.

So the shoot itself was more fun than actual work. We had pumpkin spice latte running through our veins and were ready to get some amazing photos for you.

Oh and we have a slight obsession with Australia and our photographer was Australian! How amazing is that?!?! We could just listen to her talk all day... that accent kills us. In a good way.

Well here is a peek of some of our shots we got.. more to come soon.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Swoon La Jolla

Soak up the sun and enjoy the palm trees at our new west coast location at 7910 Ivanhoe Ave, La Jolla CA.  We are next door to La Jolla's post office and the soon to be Mary's English Kitchen. Xoxo

Friday, November 22, 2013

New Location, New Coast

So happy and excited to announce we are opening a new store location on the west coast in the greater San Diego area. More details to follow in the next few weeks so make sure to stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oh Where Has Summer Gone?!

Oh Where Has Summer Gone?!

The three words no one wants to hear. Summer is over…well almost

I really cannot believe it, either. It is scary to think that I go back to school in about a week but it has got me thinking about, what else, FASHION (okay you caught me, I am always thinking of fashion)! 

The beginning of the school year is a great opportunity to spice up your wardrobe and make a great, fashionable, statement. Not in school? No worries. Who says you can’t show off your new look to your co-workers and boss? 

There are a few pieces that I think every girl should have in her closet during the fall months, pieces that are affordable, eye popping, and classic!

Jeans. Whenever I think of jeans I immediately think of Fall. No, seriously, I do! In my humble opinion, a great pair of dark wash jeans just screams Fall (go ahead, call me dramatic). 
-Now, when going jean shopping it is important to know which style fits your curves (or lack of) best- skinny, bootleg, straight leg etc… I will offer some input, though, flare jeans are coming back in style both Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston have been spotted rocking this latest trend!
-Some of my favorite places to shop for jeans are the always affordable American Eagle as well as Nordstrom and Lucky Brand (both somewhat pricey but still great)! 

Sweater. I think every woman should have a great, comfortable (yes, comfortable) sweater. The end of Fall can be downright freezing and having a great cable-knit sweater or cardigan is an absolute essential in my opinion. A neutral color such as cream always makes for a great purchase but also a deep plum or maroon is a bold, but wonderful and chic fashion statement too! Hell, go ahead and splurge and buy yourself two sweaters!

All about the layers. The Fall is the perfect time to incorporate layers into your outfit! In my opinion, scarves are just about the best invention ever (don’t judge you know it’s true). I love pairing a printed scarf with a casual outfit of jeans and a t-shirt. It is a super easy way to dress up a simple outfit. And practically every clothing store carries a line of scarves since they really have been extremely popular these last few years! 

-With that said, though, I think both Madewell (J. Crew’s sister store) and Anthropoligie carry some of the most beautiful scarves I have ever seen. Both stores are a little pricey in the scarf department but they almost always have a great sale going on so you can get some great deals! 

Boots. Within the last few years’ boots have really made an entrance in the fashion world and have proved that they are here to stay. I think a great pair of ‘riding boots’ in a (dark) chocolate brown color are the purrrfect closet staple. They are sooo incredibly versatile as they can be dressed down or up depending on your mood and the occasion. Boot prices can be somewhat pricey but in this case I think it is worth the extra cash. When made correctly, these boots can last a very long time. My favorite pair of boots that I own cost me about $120. I bought them over 3 years ago and I guess you could say that, by this point, they have practically paid for themself as I rarely wear any other shoe during the Fall and Winter. 

So, there you go! Merry shopping and happy Fall :)



Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lets Talk Cosmetics!

So every time I shop at my local mall I always pause when passing this one store. I never go in for some reason but am intrigued enough to always stop and look in the window. The store I am talking about is Lush, a company whose slogan is ‘Fresh Handmade Cosmetics’. 

The other day, however, I actually decided to walk in and learn a little bit about this company. I truly am an organic girl when it comes to my skincare and cosmetics. Every once in a while I stray and buy something that isn’t but I primarily stick to the green goods simply because I notice a huge difference when I am using something from nature. 

With this said, I cannot believe that I have gone so long without buying a product from Lush. It truly is heaven for us green goddesses. They have products ranging from skincare to hair care to makeup (and more)! 

Now being a newbie of this brand I really cannot say too much on any of the products and their results. I, however, did purchase the ‘Ocean Salt’ shower scrub and am IN LOVE! It claims it would give my skin a glowing complexion and oh boy did it…and it smelled phenomenal too! 

Overall, I had such an amazing experience shopping here and the associate who was helping me out really was great. She answered all my questions about this brand and turned me into a now loyal and frequent customer. 

I really wish I could suggest more of their products to you guys but I really having only used this particular scrub but I am looking forward to trying more of their stuff out (and will keep you posted)! But I just had to share my awesome experience here with you all as I really am excited about this company. But please let me know if you could suggest any must-haves for me to buy here next!

Happy shopping!



Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Calling All Inner Goddesses

Calling All Inner Goddesses

Does the idea of leaving your house sans makeup give you nightmares? If so, then that’s just a downright shame. Don’t get me wrong I love Sephora just as must as the next girl however I definitely allow my skin to breathe from time to time.

Makeup, when applied correctly, serves to bring out our natural beauty ladies not transform us into someone unrecognizable. Speaking of natural beauty, it’s about time we let it show and stopped concealing it.

Makeup can be harsh on our skin after being applied day after day. This is why I find it soooo incredibly important to give my face a rest every now and then. I try to go at least one day during the week where I don’t put any product on my skin. At first, I felt uncomfortably bare without a stroke of mascara on my eyelashes or cover up underneath my eyes but now I have noticed the change in my skin and I am loving every inch of my natural self!

Ladies please don’t fret because I know that if I can do it you can too (because some days I live at the makeup counter)! Let me divulge my ‘happy-skin’ secrets with you all:

First, invest in a great moisturizer with SPF in it. My current favorite is an oil-free version from Neutrogena (its inexpensive too)! Moisturizer is so important because, once you have found the right match for your skin, it works on your problem areas (dry skin, oily skin, acne etc…) and gives your skin a natural glow. Make sure you are applying your moisturizer both in the morning and evening.

Next, discovering and accepting your skin’s biggest problem. For example, my biggest issue with my skin is with the dark circles underneath my eyes. So I had to find a cream to apply here daily so I could avoid going out in public looking like I’ve gotten a slim 4 hours of sleep. So if you’re acne prone find a facial wash/moisturizer aimed for blemishes or if you have dry skin finding something that will be hydrating (you get where I’m going with this).      

Third step is, taking care of your skin! It’s about taking care of all the little things. For the days when you do wear makeup make sure that before going to bed you take every ounce of it off. This is something that I cannot stress enough. While you sleep, your skin is repairing and revitalizing, don’t block and ruin this process with leaving makeup on your face. Another thing that is can benefit your skin is investing in a good mask to put on at least once a week (see my earlier post about ‘Drink Up’ by Origins).

Finishing Touches. A great smile can illuminate the rest of your face. So besides daily brushing, flossing, and mouth-washing (kinda just made that a word) try adding whitening to the process. I use Crest white strips once a year (using them too often isn’t good for your teeth) and love how quick and simple using it is. Two more things and I swear I am done: keep your eyebrows trimmed and plucked (not too small though- biggish eyebrows are ‘in’ at the moment) and invest in a really great chap stick (I love me some Burt’s Bees).

Okay, okay I SWEAR I’m wrapping it up: just remember to try some of these tips because it would truly be a shame to go on hiding just how truly beautiful you all are!



Monday, June 24, 2013

Awesome First Week In New Seabury, Cape Cod!

Swoon had a great first week at the Popponesset Marketplace in New Seabury! We want to thank everyone that stopped in, whether to find their next perfect outfit or just to chit-chat. We met so many great new friends, and can't wait to meet more throughout the summer. Each Monday, we will place our orders to bring new styles throughout the week. So keep checking in to see our unique, new pieces that will have you looking effortlessly chic and make you swoon.